Our Team

A commitment to teamwork is one of our core values, and as such we endeavour to build a culture of support through regular evaluations, reflection, feedback, and staff meetings

Come and Join our Team

Ainscough Associates has been established since 2009 and throughout this time we’ve grown and developed as an organisation.

Teamwork is one of our core values and it’s something that we’ve worked hard to understand and develop over the years. We feel that we strike the right balance between case managers working independently and autonomously, whilst at the same time making sure they receive all the support that they need. There is excellent admin and HR support in place and all of our case managers have a mentor to work closely with.

We provide a lot of support to our case managers, especially those new to case management where we implement our junior case manager strategy to help develop and bring new case managers on board. You can read a bit more here about how we support and develop those new to case management. https://www.ainscoughassociates.co.uk/2021/07/07/becoming-a-case-manager-our-junior-case-manager-role/

Our company is steadily growing and we’re looking to take on new self-employed case managers, either with or without experience. Our rates of pay are excellent, above the general market rate for self employed case managers. New team members start on a rate commensurate with their experience, and if they start on a lower rate then this can quickly increase, dependent upon experience and performance, not on the numbers of case management hours completed. There is the opportunity to progress quickly with higher rates of pay.

We have comprehensive support and guidance manuals which help to guide case managers every step of the way to ensure that as a company we are all performing our work to the same high standards. We all support each other through regular learning events such as solution focused team supervision, and we regularly have external speakers offering informal presentations and teaching via our online video team meetings.

We have excellent HR managers who work very closely with our case managers on directly employed packages, and they have a lot of experience of supporting the case manager and clients with setting up and managing directly employed packages of care.

If you want to have an informal chat with some of our case managers before making any decisions then they would be happy to talk to you. We also welcome you to get in touch and have an informal chat with John Ainscough (Managing Director).