Adult's Case Studies

Young adult with severe traumatic brain injury

Christine is a 22 year old woman who was referred to Ainscough Associates following her involvement in a road traffic accident which led to multiple fractures of her spine, upper and lower limbs, and a primary diagnosis of severe traumatic brain injury.

Christine’s accident was in the early part of 2009 and we were appointed to carry out an immediate needs assessment in October 2009. We have continued to work with Christine since this time.

Liability was agreed after a year and half with a 30% reduction for contributory negligence and, therefore, much of our role was to liaise closely with a wide range of statutory services and professionals to ensure that Christine had full access to all those services to which she was entitled. We have also had extensive involvement with statutory services regarding capacity and significant safeguarding concerns.

Following many months of intense acute rehabilitation Christine was transferred to a specialist brain injury rehabilitation unit, where she remained for a year, making excellent progress with her rehabilitation goals.

Funding for rehabilitation up until this point had been the responsibility of the PCT. Unfortunately health funding was then discontinued and taken over by Social Services who subsequently placed Christine in a completely inappropriate nursing home, causing her much distress. She very quickly began to lose much of the ground she had gained during her specialist rehabilitation.

We built on the close working relationship already in existence with Christine and her family and proceeded to establish good working links with social services and to collect evidence which revealed the inappropriateness of the nursing home placement. We succeeded in securing further funding to have Christine transferred to a specialist supported living facility.

Once Christine was transferred to this facility we set up a range of specialist therapy, including neuropsychology (partly funded through an interim payment alongside social services) to ensure access to the additional expertise necessary to enable her to continue to progress with her rehabilitation.

Christine and her family now feel they are in a more positive situation and know they can rely on us to always closely monitor progress and make sure that she is receiving the most appropriate care.

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