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13th May 2024

Overview of Mental Capacity Assessments

Mental capacity assessments can be required for people with catastrophic injuries for who we provide case management. They are needed when a person’s ability to make […]
2nd April 2024

The Case Management Process

At Ainscough Associates, we specialise in case management for children and adults with complex catastrophic injuries. Their lives have been significantly changed through personal injury or […]
12th March 2024

The Effect of Personal Values on a Life-Changing Injury

As case managers, we work with a lot of people with life-changing injuries. Such injuries have the potential to upend people’s lives, demanding a complete recalibration […]
16th February 2024

The Vital Role of a Case Manager in Alleviating Stress and Anxiety for Clients

The Vital Role of a Case Manager in Alleviating Stress and Anxiety for Clients Stress and anxiety have become prevalent issues affecting people from all walks […]
14th November 2023

Paediatric Case Management

Ainscough Associates specialise in case management for children and adults with complex catastrophic injuries. Regardless of their age, the lives of the people we meet have […]
31st October 2023

Navigating the Path to Returning to Work After a Brain Injury

Returning to work after a brain injury can be a challenging journey, but it is a significant milestone on the road to recovery. There is a […]
9th October 2023

Virtual Reality and its Role in Transforming Healthcare

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has a life beyond that of gaming. It has shown significant promise in various healthcare applications, offering innovative solutions that can enhance […]
5th September 2023

Adapting a Home for Rehabilitation

Once a client has spent a lengthy time in hospital care, they are usually very keen to return home to independent living and continue any necessary […]
6th July 2023

Optimal Clinical Pathway for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

A clinical pathway for people with Traumatic Brain Injury has been developed by a team including the National Neurosciences Advisory Group (NNAG), TBI healthcare specialists and […]
5th June 2023

Rehabilitation services in a post pandemic world

The British Society of Rehabilitation and Medicine publish standards on specialist inpatient and community rehabilitation services. All are mapped onto the National Service Framework (NSF), the […]
10th January 2023

The secret to successful accessible travel

For anyone with a disability, limited mobility or who travels with a wheelchair, booking a holiday can seem daunting. So many hotels and destinations claim to […]
26th July 2022

The effect on disabled people of workplace changes due to Covid

All employers have a legal duty to “make reasonable adjustments to make sure workers with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions, are not substantially disadvantaged […]
24th November 2021

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and the Demonstration Effect

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games showed how incredibly far the Games have come. The word Paralympic was used for the first time when Tokyo was again […]
11th November 2021

Covid vaccines are compulsory for care home staff. Will community health and care staff be next?

Staff working in the adult social care sector now need to have had both doses of the covid-19 vaccine by 11th November to work in Care […]
22nd October 2021

The Role of a Support Worker

A support worker can be a lifeline for anyone with a catastrophic injury as well as their families. Every person has unique needs, physically and mentally, […]
20th October 2021

NEWSLETTER – Autumn 2021

Welcome to the second newsletter from Ainscough Associates for 2021 There have been some significant changes since our last newsletter in January, most notably our CQC […]
20th October 2021

WEBINAR – The Multi Disciplinary Team & Case Management

Our panellists explore the work of the multidisciplinary team and how it works effectively alongside the process of case management  
9th September 2021

Major Advancements in Prosthetics

Successful prosthetics can have an enormous effect for those who have suffered life-altering injuries. Thanks to the latest technology, developments continue to shape prosthetic design to […]
3rd August 2021

Caring for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Children with disabilities often have special educational needs (SEND) and require specific care within the school environment to support them. SEND can affect a child or […]
23rd July 2021

Interview 2 with Dr Lana Jackson, Senior Clinical Psychologist

In this second of a three part interview, Lana talks about Walking EMDR, and the benefits of taking therapy outdoors. Lana is a Senior Clinical Psychologist […]
7th July 2021

Interview with Dr Lana Jackson, Senior Clinical Psychologist

In this first of a three part interview, Lana talks about EMDR. Lana is a Senior Clinical Psychologist specialising in child and adult mental health, and […]
7th July 2021

WEBINAR – How does case management fit in alongside the legal process?

Our panel of guest speakers explore questions such as: What a good collaborative approach to rehabilitation and case management looks like; The pros and cons of […]
7th July 2021

Becoming a Case Manager – our Junior Case Manager Role

Case management is a very specific healthcare sector and people who work within it are a crucial part of their clients’ lives. At Ainscough Associates, we […]
23rd June 2021

Case managers facilitating their clients’ sex lives

Case managers have to know how to handle a vast range of social and physical needs for clients. In some cases that includes their sexual relations. […]
6th May 2021

The Benefits of Multidisciplinary Teams for People with Complex Needs and Long-term Conditions

People with long-term conditions and complex health needs require a wide range of professional health and social care. Organising and arranging these individually would be vastly […]
14th April 2021

Accessibility: Getting out and about after Lockdown

The possibility of being able to get out and about post-lockdown is now upon us.  We’re all ready for a change of scene and many people […]
19th March 2021

Case Problem Solving at Ainscough Associates

Ainscough Associates is a team of experienced health professionals who work proactively to get things done for our clients. We each have our own individual clients […]
9th March 2021

Part II- Interview with Dr Katie Byard and Dr Sophie Gosling of Recolo

Katie and Sophie discuss the nature of the therapeutic relationship in the current climate; advances and new knowledge in neuroscience translated into practice; and how the […]
5th March 2021

Part I – Interview with Dr Katie Byard and Dr Sophie Gosling of Recolo

Katie and Sophie discuss the changing nature of their rehabilitation provision during the pandemic
1st March 2021

Covid Vaccination Reluctance

The widespread deployment of the Covid vaccines has been seen by many as a lifeline back to ‘normal’. But it’s not compulsory and the government can’t […]
9th February 2021

Trevor Sterling discusses the Major Trauma Group

Trevor Sterling, Committee member of the Major Trauma Group, discusses the background to the group, its membership, and its purpose      
2nd February 2021

Global Disparity in Occurrences of Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) are major causes of death and disability worldwide but the rate at which different geographical locations are […]
26th January 2021

Interview with Daniel Thomas, Managing Director of Chroma

Daniel introduces the work of Chroma, the UK’s leading national provider of arts therapies services
14th January 2021

Family and systemic therapy after injury or trauma

Serious and catastrophic injuries have an enormous impact, physically, mentally and financially. Whilst the first-hand impact affects the individual, their immediate and wider family also face […]
13th January 2021

Interview with Maggie Sargent, Expert Witness

Maggie gives advice for new experts, and talks about her top tips for giving evidence in court
11th January 2021

NEWSLETTER – January 2021

Welcome to the first newsletter from Ainscough Associates I hope you have had a well-earned rest over the Christmas and New Year period. It was certainly […]
8th January 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

Change and Development at Ainscough Associates Like any organisation we have seen our fair share of change over the 11 years since we started the business. […]
8th January 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

Our application for registration with the Care Quality Commission We have been supporting clients with the direct employment of staff for many years, and at the […]
7th January 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

Comprehensive support for our clients who directly employ staff We’ve always taken the approach that the relationship our HR managers have with our clients and their […]
14th December 2020

Disability and Sport

When someone has suffered a life changing injury, their ability to exercise and participate in sport like they used to may seem impossible. It will be […]
1st December 2020

Agency staff vs direct employee. What’s the best way to employ a support worker?

A support worker or personal care assistant offers support to help someone live independently in their own home. They provide a range of care and support […]
3rd November 2020

Interview with Grant Incles, Partner at Leigh Day

Grant talks about the recent Court of Appeal landmark judgement in the case of Swift v Carpenter
14th October 2020

Interview with Heather Batey of Reach personal injury services

Heather talks about her visit to the World Brain Injury Congress in Canada and research findings on PCS, as well as rehab provision remotely
14th October 2020

Interview with Mike Gomm, expert in technology and disability

Mike talks about his work and his interest in some of the latest technological developments
4th September 2020

Essential things to know about Case Management

The most essential skill for a case manager When people are instructing case managers there can be a tendency to get overly focused on the clinical […]
28th August 2020

Interview with Simon Murnane, Senior Case Manager with Ainscough Associates

Simon talks about the essential core skills of a case manager, the pitfalls for case managers to avoid, and how to work alongside the legal process
21st August 2020

Interview with Mark Bowman, Partner at Fieldfisher

Hear what Mark enjoys about his work as a personal injury solicitor, the attributes of a good case manager, and how many places around the globe he's completed an Ironman!
21st August 2020

Interview with Karen Burgin, Chair of CMSUK

Karen talks about hot topics within the world of case management
20th July 2020

Interview with Trevor Sterling, Partner at Moore Barlow

Hear Trevor’s views on rehabilitation, equality in the legal profession, and his aims for the next 5 years
15th July 2020

What are the top qualities of a carer?

If you are considering hiring a carer for yourself or a loved one, you will naturally want to hire the most qualified and experienced individual possible. […]
6th July 2020

Interview with Liz Williamson – speech and language therapist

Liz Williamson from The Speech Group talks about her role, and love of opera
25th June 2020

Keeping brain injury rehabilitation going during lockdown

All good case managers know how important it is for brain injury patients to remain consistent with their rehabilitation regime. Lockdown has made it difficult for […]
16th June 2020

Interview with Warren Collins, Partner at Penningtons Manches Cooper

Hear Warren's thoughts on current hot topics in PI, and what he gets up to in his leisure time
28th May 2020

Remote and home working in the ‘new normal’ world

As the world learns to adapt to new restrictions and regulations during this unprecedented pandemic, many people are experiencing working from home for the first time. […]
12th May 2020

The benefits of speech therapy for children

One of the central skills of a good case manager is being able to source and coordinate a strong multidisciplinary team for our clients, which clearly […]