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Ainscough Associates client

My husband was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident and sustained a severe brain injury as a result.

Our lives were changed forever and despite enormous support from much appreciated friends and family it was still a very tough time, and on occasions still can be now.

From the moment Ainscough Associates were appointed they have shown a very compassionate and supportive attitude.

Whenever I have had a worry regarding my husband’s care that I did not think was being resolved by the hospital following my discussions with them, Ainscough Associates would approach the hospital on our behalf and in a very professional capacity the issues have been remedied.

If any issues have arisen with my husband at home and I have been unsure how to react then I have asked advice and with their sound knowledge and experience of dealing with cases such a ours, Ainscough Associates have always given good advice and our issues have been sorted.

Ainscough Associates have also opened our eyes to things that are available to help my husband such as educating us on his recovery journey and the various stages to expect.

We are both sure that without Ainscough Associates being involved this would have been a very tough & bumpy road.

For all their help and support we are eternally grateful.