Warren Collins, Partner, Penningtons Manches

We have worked with Ainscough Associates as effective and efficient case managers on a number of cases involving clients with catastrophic injuries: both spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injuries. We have had a positive experience for both adult and children clients. Their experience and expertise has proved a most useful resource in terms of meeting our clients' day to day care, equipment and therapy needs as well as providing a useful focus and point of contact for the multi-discipline team (including the lawyers) involved in complex injury cases. We would recommend Ainscough Associates to other lawyers handling catastrophic injury claims.

Ainscough Associates client

Ainscough Associates have provided a supportive service and right arm navigating through the maze of services. Supporting with obtaining equipment points you in the right direction, keeping you on track and providing those ever needed moments of sanity!!

Ainscough Associates have enabled us to move to more suitable accommodation, ensured we had the right equipment, helped us source the right type of transport, interviewed and identified carers, supported us through meetings and helped in transitioning to secondary school.

A sigh of relief in trying times!

Neil Sugarman, Managing Partner, GLP Solicitors

We have worked with Ainscough Associates on behalf of one of our clients now for approximately three years. The client in question has extremely challenging needs, within a complex family background involving other children with severe disabilities. We have found the Case Management services offered by Ainscough Associates to be delivered with the utmost empathy and thoroughness and we know that our client's family have found them to be a source of excellent and reliable support in very trying circumstances.

Ainscough Associates client

In October 2010, my partner had a catastrophic spinal injury caused by a work accident. Despite having a supportive family and friends, we felt so alone and didn’t know where to turn for knowledgeable, practical help. Then my solicitor put me in touch with Ainscough Associates, and at last I found people who understood what was going on, helped and supported us, and took over many tasks which we simply could not face, or did not know where to begin. I trust them, and they have never let us down.

Andrew Baker, Partner, Boys & Maughan Solicitors

The case manager from Ainscough Associates developed a good rapport with my brain injured client and managed a team of therapists putting together a rehabilitation case management programme very efficiently with the help of the defendant's insurer to ensure that the client had the best possible outcome following his injury. They worked hard to source professionals where local provision was failing and kept the defendant's insurer and me informed on a regular basis. They were easy to communicate with and much communication was undertaken by email. They were understanding and sensitive to the client's complex needs at all times.

Ainscough Associates client

My husband was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident and sustained a severe brain injury as a result.

Our lives were changed forever and despite enormous support from much appreciated friends and family it was still a very tough time, and on occasions still can be now.

From the moment Ainscough Associates were appointed they have shown a very compassionate and supportive attitude.

Whenever I have had a worry regarding my husband’s care that I did not think was being resolved by the hospital following my discussions with them, Ainscough Associates would approach the hospital on our behalf and in a very professional capacity the issues have been remedied.

If any issues have arisen with my husband at home and I have been unsure how to react then I have asked advice and with their sound knowledge and experience of dealing with cases such a ours, Ainscough Associates have always given good advice and our issues have been sorted.

Ainscough Associates have also opened our eyes to things that are available to help my husband such as educating us on his recovery journey and the various stages to expect.

We are both sure that without Ainscough Associates being involved this would have been a very tough & bumpy road.

For all their help and support we are eternally grateful.

John Lingwood, Partner, Mayo Wynne Baxter

Throughout my dealings with Ainscough Associates I have been impressed by the service they have provided. They have shown a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in cases and a welcome degree of flexibility. They have brought clarity to this often complex area of case management providing clear advice as to the goals to be set, the steps to be taken and the progress secured.

Ainscough Associates client

I have a daughter who suffered a brain injury as a baby, and needs total care. We have been assisted by Ainscough Associates for the past five years and have found them to be very supportive without being intrusive to our family life.

We have needed support with many areas, from managing employment issues and recruiting support workers to dealing with issues raised by the transition from children’s to adult services and liaising with our PCT.

Ainscough Associates have also researched local therapy providers and prepared reports for the legal team working on behalf of our daughter.

We are more than happy to recommend the service provided to us.

Damian Horan, Partner, Moore Blatch Solicitors

I have been very impressed with the service we have received from Ainscough Associates in assisting on education issues arising from brain injury. They have very much worked in partnership with us in terms of providing an excellent package of support for the client. They have an excellent knowledge of education issues and provided experienced and knowledgeable staff who were able to liaise between the school management and local education authority to improve our client's position overall. Communication has also been very good with regular updates and meetings arranged.

Ainscough Associates client

As a result of a road accident, my daughter was born prematurely and needed special care. Ainscough Associates have been managing my daughter’s case for over a year now.

Our case manager is brilliant: he has a good understanding of our needs as parents; he has established and maintained good communication between ourselves, the solicitors, the third party insurer and the various medical and educational experts.

His clinical background also helps in understanding my daughter’s special needs. The case management service from Ainscough Associates has been reliable, efficient and effective – I am pleased to be able to recommend them!"

Mike Gomm, Consultant in Disability & Technology

Working as a technology consultant for people with disabilities I got to know John and Ainscough Associates a few years ago. I have been impressed by the holistic approach they take to case management and the way communication is managed between the numerous professionals.