Our Services

Clearly defined and expert

In order to achieve excellence it's important to offer a very defined and focused service, and for us this centres solely on the provision of an expert case management service.

We specialise in the provision of case management services for highly complex cases, working with both adults and children, helping clients and families whose lives have been significantly changed through personal injury or clinical negligence, for example:

  • acquired brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • amputations
  • complex orthopaedic injuries
  • multiple complex injuries (polytrauma)
  • cerebral palsy

Initial Assessment and Regular Reporting

Our initial assessments and reports get the balance right: they are thorough whilst being concise and to the point.  We always receive excellent feedback about the quality of our reports.

Our recommendations clearly define problem areas, solutions, and costs, including case management objectives and an estimate of the hours required.

This initial report gives us a clear template for the provision of regular written updates which are usually provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. Referrers are made aware of any activity that is likely to be higher than that originally estimated as our case managers have systems for closely monitoring their activity each month.

I have always found Ainscough Associates to be efficient, helpful and friendly. Using their HR support package has made the employment of carers much easier.

Helen Roberts, Partner Mayo Wynne Baxter

We have worked with Ainscough Associates as effective and efficient case managers on a number of cases involving clients with catastrophic injuries: both spinal cord injuries. Their experience and expertise has proved a most useful resource and we would recommend them to other lawyers handling catastrophic injury claims.

Warren Collins,Partner & Head of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Simpson Millar LLP

Case Management for Children

We have a number of very experienced paediatric case managers. This is a specialist area of case management in which we have a depth of expertise and an excellent reputation.

Providing case management services for children not only involves having the right clinical expertise but also requires the case manager to have skills in working with the whole family. Whilst the child is our main focus, case management must also encompass the broader network of  family relationships.

Working with Rehabilitation Providers

A case manager is to some degree only as good as the services they commission and this is why we have concentrated on building strong partnerships with providers. Often we work with people that we have known and worked with over many years, having built trusted relationships.

We know that it is a critical part of our job to understand clearly what third parties provide, how effectively they deliver, and that we are able to clearly monitor outcomes.

Direct Employment of Care and Support Staff

Providing complex packages of care is a very significant part of our role. We appreciate that it can sometimes be a daunting task for clients and their families to consider directly employing a care team.

Therefore, we have developed a robust approach to supporting our clients who wish to directly employ care and support staff, with our own dedicated HR professionals working directly with the client and family.

The case manager focuses on the areas of their expertise such as devising the care plan, training and supervising carers; whilst the HR professional will concentrate on things such as the introduction of policies and procedures, managing disciplinary issues and grievances.

We provide a bespoke ‘top to bottom’ service that gives the client and employer everything they need for the set up of a successful care package, from advertising, interviewing, and issuing of contracts; right through to training, induction, and ongoing supervision of carers.