The fabric of our organisation

We know it's important to be effective at what we do; it's just as important that we are in touch with the values which inform our practice, and in that way we believe that our service can be more effective.

Integrity...  informing everything that we do

  • We aim to be consistent, transparent and trustworthy. We have worked hard to develop unique systems which reflect this aim such as our comprehensive charging policy
  • We want our behaviour and the decisions that we make to be informed by our principles and values

Clear Ethical Framework...  understanding our obligations

  • Each case manager is governed by ethical guidance from their own professional body and the CMSUK/BABICM joint code of ethics
  • Case managers abide by our code of conduct, a comprehensive document guiding the approach to our work

Client Centred Care...  understanding our primary duty of care

  • We provide a service that is respectful of and responsive to our individual client’s needs, taking into account legislation that promotes welfare, well-being and capacity
  • We recognise that a client at any age belongs to a network of family, friends and the wider community

Empathy...  caring for our clients and their families

  • Our case managers have many years of experience and understand what it means to develop a therapeutic relationship
  • Offering emotional support and compassion is central, helping to relieve fear and anxiety for our clients and their families

Clear and responsive communication...  keeping everybody informed

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

  • Our policies and procedures on communication and information management constitute major elements of the foundation of our service
  • We provide monthly or quarterly summaries outlining our clients’ progress, along with financial statements

Teamwork...  offering support to each other

  • We meet regularly as a team throughout the year for training purposes and to improve communication
  • Case managers meet together in peer supervision groups to offer each other support
  • The team know each other well and regularly share ideas and skills for the benefit of our clients

Maintaining standards...  constantly re-evaluating and improving our services

  • Each case manager practices according to the standards of their own individual professional body
  • We review our own performance against comprehensive internal standards as well as those from external organisations such as The Case Management Society UK, The British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers, and the Care Quality Commission

Achieving excellence... the very best that we can be

  • Our goal is to consistently strive towards excellence in everything that we do and our aim is to be recognised as one of the leading case management companies in the UK for complex and catastrophically injured clients.
  • We endeavour to enhance the experience of all key stakeholders by evaluation and improvement of all aspects of our business